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Industries Served

Industries Served

Today our product offering is supplied across a wide mixture of industries all with their own individual standards and call outs. From Medical and Aerospace to Energy and Automotive, we would be grateful to partner with you as a supplier of precision measurement systems.

Aerospace & Defense

Engineering requirements that support the technological advancements taking place within the Aerospace and Defense industry are creating a multitude of mission critical conditions and call outs for manufacturers. We would be grateful for the opportunity to help you identify the equipment and tools needed to ensure the parts you produce meet all your needs in coordination with AS9100 standards.


Manufacturers of medical devises continue to drive innovation and advance technology to find better ways to treat and diagnose medical conditions. Measurements within this industry demand consistent perfection leaving no room for error. As you evaluate your processes within the setting of ISO 13485 standards, please consider our company as an outlet to equip your precision measurement needs.


Electronics manufacturers participate in what is possibly one the largest global industries of the 20th century. The wide range of industrial and consumer products filled with components such as semiconductors, continue to increase in demand at an astonishing pace. Check out our strong roster of automatic measurement systems designed to assist your IPC compliant measurement requirements at a microscopic level.


The automotive industry continues to have a significant impact on both culture and the global economy. Manufacturers participating in this industry are required adapt to an everchanging array demands and trends. Innovation has fueled the market creating increasingly complex applications. As companies invest in ISO/TS 16949, consistency and reliability became paramount for precision measurement. If you’re looking for the right tools for the job, give us a shout, we would love to connect.