In-Process / Post-Process Gaging

Gaging Systems: In-Process / Post-Process

Gaging Systems: In-Process / Post-Process

Control Gaging Incorporated

Production Service Company is proud to represent Control Gaging Incorporated, a global leader in measurement & process control for machining, assembly, and material handling operations.  Control Gaging designs and manufactures in-process and post-process gage systems that provide closed-loop feedback to machine controls based on real-time part measurement. Gages are available for ID, OD, disc and centerless grinders, turning machines, polish/superfinishing machines and other machining processes where finished size is critical. 

Control Gaging Incorporated

Centerless Grinding Gages:

Through CGI we offer a wide selection of centerless grinder gages and systems that encompass a variety of application specific solutions.  See our product listing below and note that custom applications are available. 

Model TFR

Closed loop gaging to ThruFeed Ring grinding has proven problematic over time due to the need for lighting quick production rates on highly accurate part features.  Control Gaging has tackled both obstacles at once with their distinctive "Ring Gage", found on the TFR.  A few benefits of this gage include tighter production tolerances, improved grinding machine productivity and reduced part costs.

TFD - Close Up
Model TFD

These automatic conveyor-based systems are engineered to diminish operator intervention while improving grinder productivity.  All TFD systems boast precise part measurement, responsive trend analysis and a highly efficient compensation technique for the grinder.  When it comes to automatic size control of shafts within its size rage (see PDF), the TFD is the absolute best product in its class.  

Model TFN

The TFN is THE solution for small parts that require automatic centerless size control such as pins, needles, plungers, spools and rollers.  This dynamic gage maintains an extremely high rate of accuracy while measuring parts at the small end of the thrufeed grinding range.  The TFN is easy to set up and can be mounted to a workrest blade or embedded within a conveyor.

Model TF1 & TF2

If your operation involves mid-size, long-run parts such as valve guides, piston pins and lifters & rollers, be sure to take a good hard look at the TF1 and TF2 models.  These versatile gaging fixtures are compatible with most thrufeed centerless grinders. The gage fixture mounts to the exit workrest of the grinder and feeds part measurement information to a high-resolution gage controller for real-time process analysis and grinder control.  

Intelligent Process Control Software (IPC)

This statistically propelled software adapts to your process and optimized cpk.  In conjunction with the D500 gage controller, IPC is designed to drive value by diminishing the variation of size output.  When utilized with an automatic gaging system, the D500/IPC duo employs a closed-loop system that reduces scrap, lowers direct labor costs, improves productivity, and improves part conformance to specifications.

OD/ID Grinder Gages

The lineup of inner and outer diameter gaging products by Control Gaging Inc. have been built to last while maintaining functionality and ease of use. Please note that the ID/OD solutions listed can all be modified to meet specific manufacturing applications.  

D500 IPC
D500 OD
D500 / D100 Gage Controller

For 40 years Control Gage Inc. has designed their gage controllers with a heavy focus on accuracy, flexibility and power for most demanding gaging applications.  The D500 Gage Controller will meet highly complex multi-featured process control needs while the D100 Gage Controller is geared towards basic, single feature applications. 

WG2 Dual Finger Gage Head

If you’re looking for a process control measurement that is flexible, tough and accurate, look no further.  A few of the parts typically gaged by the WG2 include: Armatures, Bearings, Bushings, Camshafts, Crankshafts, Cylinder linings, Drills, Impeller shafts, Motor shafts, Pistons, Reamers, Rotors, Splined shafts, Valves, Valve stems.

WG1 Single Finger Gage

The versatility of the WG1 is delivered in a compact design that provides exceptional repeatability across an extensive range. It can be used as a locator, a height gage or any other application requiring one contact point. Furthermore, two WG1 gages can be combined to measure diameter, thickness and/or length.

Model 401E & 401EX Gage

Simply put, the 401E is an straightforward and affordable in-process grinding gage. It is normally used by hand for regulating the size of a single diameter, but may also be utilized in automated systems where table mounting space is limited. The 401EX is an extended range version of the 401E head that can measure multiple diameters automatically over a range of 3.8mm .(150").

Model 88M Gage

The 88M Thru-Spindle Gage is designed to be installed inside the workhead spindle of a high-production internal grinding machine and features a one minute set up time that is sure to cut changeover costs.

Disc Grinder Gages

The automatic disc grinder systems from Control Gaging Inc. deliver detailed measurements at a blistering pace with the benefit of effortless reconfiguration.  Existing systems can also be customized to meet application specific requirements. 

Wheel Measurement
Wheel Position Measurement

In order to reduce the difficulty that typically accompanies in-process part measurement concerning disc grinders, Control Gaging has used several wheel position gaging techniques to successfully hold part size and wheel location to tolerances within several microns.  See the link for additional information.

DD5 Thrufeed

The DD5 Gaging Station provides automated grinder control based on real-time part size. The gaging fixture is fitted directly behind the exit guides. As parts leave the grinder, they flow into the station and are caught between belts which carry them through the gage while relieving back-pressure on the machine feed.  Some benefits of the DD5 Thrufeed include robust, reliable, quick set-up gage heads along with adjustable thrufeed rates. 

DDP Gaging Fixture

The DDP Gaging fixture provides a variety of solutions for a wide range of applications.  In short, the concept of this fixture incorporates a circular spring-loaded gaging shoe that presses the ground part against a precise reference surface. The gage contacts the back of the shoe and sends the thickness measurement of the part to a D500 Gage Controller. Workpieces may be carried or pushed through the fixture in several different ways. Check out the attached PDF for further detail.

Post Process Gages

Control Gaging offers both standardized and customizable post process systems designed specifically for operations that require quick re-tooling for multiple part reconfigurations.  The systems provide quick and accurate measurements of machined parts to compensate the machine tool and prevent bad parts from hitting the production stream.   

Post Process Shaft Gage
Post Process Shaft Gage

Purchasing a post-gage for infeed centerless shaft grinding is easy and affordable given the flexible designs of the fixtures created by Control Gaging.  Please note that each fixture can be modified to fit your specific part.

PT1 In-line Gage
Post Process Spool Gage

The PT1 In-line Gage is built to help automate size control on automotive transmission spools and comparable small, multi-diameter parts.  Manufacturers of these applications will welcome the accuracy and throughput along with flexibility for changeover provided by this gage.


The Grip-Gage-Go approach applies lean manufacturing principals to post process measurement systems by integrating measuring heads into the automation by way of adding gages and part-locating features to the gripper itself, or by moving the part into or through a fixture that is mounted directly to the machine tool.

D90 Wheel Balancer
Grinding Wheel Balancers

The D90 Wheel Balancer by Control Gaging will automatically reduce vibration in your grinding process while providing an optimized finish and extending machine life.  The balancer eliminates manual pre-balancing and fits most center-type, shoe-type, centerless, and surface grinders.