Data Collection

Data Collection


Data CollectionAutomating the collection of data and streamlining the analysis related to quality control has become vital to modern manufacturing. Our recommended solution lies within the suite of products developed by Prolink.

Their software solutions are easy to use and integrate with over 250 makes and models of various inspection related equipment and tools. The Prolink philosophy has always been to "Save customers time and money by automating as much of the data collection and reporting as possible.".

We have no doubt your operations will benefit from the features and functions offered within their suite of software.



Online Web Demos

If you're interested in seeing a demo of the Prolink suite of software, hit the link below to sign up. The sessions are designed to give a general overview of each product. Questions can be asked during the webinar, however, we anticipate that the demo itself will answer most of your questions. 

Prolink's Suite of Products

Currently supported by 90% of the PLC’s on the market today, QC-PLC provides a quick and simple way to examine data generated programable logic controllers (PLC).


The primary function of QC-Gage is to collect inspection data from hand-held gages. In combination with QC-CALC, the duo will help ensure all non-confirming parts are easily identified.


QC-Sort is a non-statistical application that isolates bad parts on a multiple part inspection fixture ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of control within your process.

QC-CALC Real-Time

QC-CALC Real Time works in coordination with all your measurement devices from CMM’s to handheld gaging to collect and display every measurement performed. Furthermore, it allows you to create customized reports and export data to spreadsheets, databases, and other SPC programs. 

SPC Office Buddy

Through QC-CALC Real-Time, SPC Office Buddy leverages existing software purchases by permitting you to generate a multitude of charts and reports in programs such as Minitab, JMP, and Excel.


QC-CALC SPC is a statistical process control application designed to analyze, report, manage and, monitor information collected from QC-CALC Real-Time. Get live results from your shop floor then simply convert the data into charts and/or reports to establish a clear picture of your production process.

Enterprise Report Scheduler

Enterprise Report Scheduler (ERS) is designed to provide a macro view of the quality conditions within multiple parts, cells, and even plants. Information can be filtered and explored through interactive charts, dashboards, and full views giving companies a wide range of details from general to specific.


QC-Mobile delivers all the information provided by Enterprise Report Scheduler (ERS) through the web. If your connected to a network, you can access the multitude of statistical information, dashboards, charts, and full views found in ERS directly through your browser.