The Top 8 Up and Coming Industries to Watch in 2022

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The economy of the USA has almost bounced back to where it was pre-pandemic. This is in part due to well-managed industries and a little bit of good luck in the financial market. If you want to invest in any of these areas, you should get a good idea of what the strongest markets are before diving in.

This article will list eight of the markets that have bounced back the strongest in the USA. By the end of this article, you should have an understanding of why they are as robust as they are and what you should be watching moving forward. So, read on to learn more about America's cutting-edge industries.

1. Computing, Technology, and Mathematics

Over the next ten years, experts predict that the tech industries will grow over ten percent. It is no surprise, as the Internet of Things continues to expand, how the industry thinks about technology again and again.

Both commercial and personal computing devices are being developed at breakneck speed. As updates happen, experts are revolutionizing how we interact with the cloud.

On top of this, developments in "crypto" and the blockchain mean innovations in how we move forward with data security. New roles are appearing every day to leverage these new concepts.

These areas of development include expansions in hiring and income for the following areas:

  • Web developers
  • Computer programming experts
  • Network architects
  • System security analysts
  • Mathematicians and statisticians

2. Healthcare

As the global pandemic presses on, two things have happened in the healthcare sector. First of all, the underlying systems of healthcare across the country have reshaped to take on such an overwhelming new threat. Also, new partnerships have sprung up to produce and get vaccines that people need across the country.

With each of these changes, new opportunities have arisen. Digital healthcare has leaped forward, with being in-person no longer always necessary. Patients can interact with a healthcare professional a lot easier, leading to a faster patient turnaround in the industry.

Also, infrastructure changes due to a lack of equipment during COVID-19 have led to an overhaul in how such equipment gets apportioned. Digital tools for managing and tracking equipment are being developed. These increase the effectiveness of commercial healthcare professionals in the field.

3. Personal Care and Beauty Industry

In the 21st Century, we have seen an ongoing trend towards consumers becoming more educated about their buying habits. Media and influencers such as on TikTok and YouTube mean that younger people focus on specific areas when it comes to beauty products:

  • Sustainability
  • Digitalization
  • Evidence-Based Products

Many consumers are no longer interested in advertised promises that do not deliver as they now have access to proof of whether a claim is true or not. As such, the beauty industry has leaned into this, and now many brands espouse science-backed evidence to help their market growth.

4. Food Preparation and Food Service

Through 2020, the foodservice industry endured some of the largest problems it has seen in decades. These were mostly because of the global pandemic, forcing many venues to close down because of reduced customers.

Since then, the industry has bounced back and looks to be on the increase with huge booms in both in-person and delivery food services.

5. Business and Financial Operations

Business and financial industries are undergoing a revolution at the moment. Digital currencies, cryptocurrency, stablecoins, and NFTs have all proven that the industry is not as stable as it was once thought.

There are a lot of questions about how these areas will develop in the long run. But one thing is for certain: These forms of currency have massive growth potential in the short term. Both small and large businesses can leverage them moving forward for their benefit.

6. Legal

With COVID leading to several mutations, Omicron is now surging through the United States. With its presence will likely come several bankruptcies. With this, financial lawyers will be in a good state to get a lot of work moving forward.

Because of the changes in the healthcare industry, you can also expect 2022 to bring plenty of mergers in the tech and healthcare industries. Legal industries do not need to worry about a lack of work moving forward.

7. Food E-Commerce

"Foodie" culture has had an enormous impact on how the United States thinks about what they eat. TV shows, YouTube channels, and regular advertising on podcasts have talked about food like never before. This means consumers now concern themselves with shopping for and eating higher-quality food.

Many of these adverts have also pushed the idea that shopping for food is an unwanted chore. As such, subscription food services have started to explode in popularity. At this point, buying meal kits over the Internet is approaching a $5 billion business.

Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and even Amazon are getting involved now. Amazon has expanded to deliver groceries, and rumors suggest they want to go one step further. Word on the grapevine is that they will get involved in food subscription services within the next few years.

8. Aerospace and Defense Industry

Moving into 2022, new technologies in the aerospace industry continue to increase efficiency and save money. Systems put in place because of COVID-19 are becoming normalized. This means that customers are much more comfortable with traveling than in 2020.

On top of this, many countries continue to strengthen their militaries, allowing for the defense sector to continue to grow.

Meanwhile, the development of private spacecraft continues apace. Early adopters have proven the potential of the future leverage of space itself in commercial ventures. This high-tech industry, and the production companies that serve it, look to move forward in leaps and bounds moving forward.


More About Up and Coming Industries

You should now have a much greater idea of what the up and coming industries are in the US and where you should focus your attention moving forward. You might still have questions, though, especially about the manufacturing and production industries.

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