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Measurement Tips
  1. Use temperature normalizing plates whenever possible to maintain common thermal stability of the items being measured with the masters being used.


  1. Ensure the “right” master is being used to set equipment and if this is not possible, apply corrections to the readings obtained to allow for this.  The “right” master is the one that is the same shape, nominal size, and material of the items being measured.


  1. Always be sure to refer to an original version of any given standard that is applicable to the item you must calibrate as it may contain specific conditions and/or techniques that are required to ensure agreement on measured values.  Most quality standards have a requirement that you not only have the latest standards, but a system in place to ensure they are the latest issue.


  1. Remember that gauge block build-ups may not be parallel due to variations in flatness and parallelism of the individual pieces being used.  As a result, the overall size of the build-up may be different that the mathematical sum of the calibrated sizes of the blocks being used.


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