Quick Tips for Setting Adjustable Thread Rings

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Quick Tips for Setting Adjustable Thread Rings

We hope the following steps will serve as a quick and easy guide to setting your thread rings.


Setting Adjustable Thread Rings


  1. Before setting adjustable thread rings, remove the sealing compound from both ends of the locking assembly.
  2. Locate the locking screw, which is the screw with a head.
  3. Loosen the locking screw by turning it counterclockwise one half-turn.
  4. Locate the adjusting screw, opposite the locking screw.
  5. Turn the adjusting screw about one-eighth of a turn clockwise.
  6. Hold the setting plug in a vice or chuck and coat it with 2-3 drops of very light oil.
  7. Screw the ring gage onto the full form section of the setting plug gage.
  8. Alternate tweaking the adjusting screw and tightening the locking screw until a firm fit is obtained.
  9. For sizes ½” and under, the drag should not exceed the effort needed to turn the ring using your thumb and fore finger. Larger sizes will require more effort, but if the drag is excessive the setting should be loosened.
  10. Unscrew the thread ring gage from the full form section of the setting plug.
  11. When the ring gage reaches the truncated section of the setting plug, the drag between plug and ring gage should remain mostly the same. If there’s a significant change, then the ring gage has worn flank angles.
  12. The ring gage will become loose on the setting plug as you unscrew it. It should be loose for no more than two turns before disengaging from the plug. If it’s loose for more than two turns then the ring gage has become bell mouthed.

If you don’t run into either of the two problems described in steps 11 and 12, then your ring gage is ready for use.

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