The OGP FlexPoint

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OGP’s new FlexPoint is a Multisensor Coordinate Measuring System designed to solve a wide range of dimensional measurement problems using a variety of both tactile and non-contact sensors as well as CAD based programming.

The OGP FlexPoint 

Multisensor coordinate measuring systems like the OGP FlexPoint represent a new generation of CMM’s. The FlexPoint is designed to measure a wide range of large format parts in numerous ways using a selection of different sensors simultaneously by way of the VersaFlex multisensor head. At any given time, the OGP FlexPoint can be equipped with up to three sensors on an articulating probe head. Sensor options are powered by ZONE 3 CAD based software and include an optical video probe, SmartProbe, SP25, and an interferometric TeleStar probe. It’s worth noting that there is absolutely no down time or need for recalibration as sensors are exchanged from the multisensor head. 

The OGP FlexPoint features a sturdy design that includes air bearings on all axes along with active temperature compensation throughout, allowing it to operate effectively in shopfloor environments. System accuracy is assured through volumetric calibration by way of an Etalon LaserTRACER system while field accuracy verification is performed to ISO 10360 standards. 

ZONE 3 3D Multisensor Software

The OGP FlexPoint is powered by ZONE 3 CAD based metrology software, the most user-friendly 3D metrology software available anywhere. ZONE 3 ties in all facets of multi sensor measurement from feature identification and sensor optimization to data acquisition and evaluation/reporting. ZONE 3’s interface is entirely graphical, providing visual validation for every measurement step. One example of a feature that makes ZONE 3 fast, capable, and easy to use is the AutoPath feature. This element uses CAD nominals to automatically create the optimal measuring path given the combination of sensors equipped.  
Zone3 Brochure 

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more about the OGP FlexPoint System and would like further information and/or to set up a demonstration, please reach out to us at You may also feel free to call our office in Brook Park, OH at 216-362-6100.