Deltronic Class X Gage Pins

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Introducing Class X gages from Deltronic –a set of plug gages made to the same size and roundness tolerances and supplied with a Certificate of Accuracy traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. All Deltronic Class X gages have a tolerance of plus 40 millionths, minus nothing. Perfect for any precision job and any work environment, Deltronic Class X gages are perhaps the most reliable and consistently accurate gages on the market today!


Providing Standards

Deltronic Class X gages provide standards for multiple different purposes, including hole center and layout determination, micrometer checking, zeroing comparators, checking the runout of blanks, setting snap gages, and more. Any combination of Go and No-Go tolerances can be chosen.


Convenient Design

Deltronic Class X pin gages include the size on every gage, allowing you to easily verify that you’re using the correct size. If you frequently work in oily or slippery environments, you’ll be happy to know that the Class X set is designed to be easy to hang on to.

Deltronic Class X gages are extra-long to provide a larger usable surface, and the ends are perfectly concentric to facilitate hole spacing measurement and layout. Every pin is precision lapped to a finish of approximately one micro inch.


Heat Hardened, Cold Stabilized

An insulator grip is supplied free with all sizes between .0070” and .0589” to block the transfer of moisture, acids, and hand heat as well as providing instant size identification. Additionally, Deltronic Class X gages are hardened to Rockwell “C” 62-64, then cold stabilized to minimize any variations in the size and form and increase their longevity.


Gage Libraries

Purchasing a library is the most affordable way to acquire the Class X gages you need, as the per-unit cost in a library is more than 40% lower than the cost of buying each piece individually. Steel cabinets are included with every library to make storage more convenient. If you want to learn more about the Deltronic Class X set, contactus at or call our office in Brook Park, OH at 216-362-6100.

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