3D Printers

3D Printers (FFF)

3D Printers (FFF)


Two series of 3D printers. Built for every application.

Discover UltiMaker's 3D printing solutions: Desktop 3D printers, software, and materials for streamlined production and unlimited innovation.

UltiMaker Method Series

UltiMaker Method Series

The Method series is designed for the high-quality production of tools and end-use parts. Their actively heated build chambers, direct drive, and rigid metal frame make it easy to 3D print a specific range of engineering-grade materials with high repeatability and dimensional accuracy using 1.75 mm filament.

Method Series
UltiMaker Method XL

Precision printing. Industrial scale.

Introducing the Method XL. Print large parts with industrial-grade materials and high dimensional accuracy – the ultimate solution for engineering applications.


  •  Composite direct drive extruders
  •  Heated chamber up to 100 °C
  •  Heated buildplate up to 105 °C


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Ultimaker S Series

UltiMaker S series

Unlimited application potential. The power of the S Series lies in its versatility. Explore and experiment with new 3D printing applications using the widest choice of materials on the market – making them the perfect for prototyping and manufacturing aids of all sizes. They use 2.85 mm filament and unlock the full power of UltiMaker Cura to simplify your workflow.

S Series
UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle

Unleash true 24/7 3D printing

Bigger capacity. Better productivity. This is the complete solution to revolutionize your workflow. So you can spend less time managing materials and more time producing high-quality parts.

  •  Material handling for 6 spools
  •  Flexible build plate
  •  Accurate inductive probing


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Ultimaker S7
UltiMaker S5

Expand your 3D printing ambitions

Ideal for bringing big ideas to life. Simply click and print with the widest choice of materials on the market – including reinforced composites and stainless steel.


  •  Large build chamber
  •  Compatible with 280+ materials
  •  Optional Air Manager


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Ultimaker S5
S series materials

3D print with 280+ filaments.

S series 3D printers are compatible with the widest range of materials on the market. This allows you to unlock new applications with demanding requirements.

Choose NFC-enabled UltiMaker filaments tested for 1000s of hours. Or polymers from leading material companies – with proven material profiles available for free on UltiMaker Marketplace.


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Method series materials

Extensively-tested for measurably accurate parts.

Method series materials are manufactured to exacting diameter and quality specifications. Manufacturing grade and high performance, the variety of 3D printing materials for the Method series are extensively-tested to assure high reliability and measurably accurate parts.


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